Scrambled Words inside Easter Eggs

English Class first graders have been learning to read words with short vowel sounds. They practiced making  words with a consonant, a vowel and a consonant (CVC words) using letters that they found inside Easter eggs. (There were even some four letter words.)

All of the eggs were numbered or labeled with a letter of the alphabet. The task was to take an egg from one of two baskets, open it and then arrange the letters so as to make a CVC word that makes sense. Then they wrote the word in the space on their list that corresponded to the letter or number taped to the outside of the egg.

The children loved the challenge! Over and over they exclaimed what fun it was!

Occasionally there was momentary confusion when a “u” appeared to be an “n” or a “p” should have been a “d”, but the children sorted these problems out fairly quickly. It was the perfect task for these eager early readers!

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