Easter Egg Craft Workshop

On Wednesday English Class kindergarten children hosted a workshop for themselves, as well as for first and second graders. The preschoolers had already practiced crafting these papier-mâché eggs so they were in the unique position of being able to advise the older pupils.

The children used a small balloon for the egg form. Then using watered down white glue the consistency of milk, they lay layers upon layers of paper napkins to cover the balloon, only leaving the small area where the balloon was tied uncovered.  This was how the balloon was extracted after the egg had dried.

Although there were three different aged groups in a relatively small space, there was only the sound of a happy hum of hard-working pupils as they focused on getting the job done.

Some of the completed eggs found their way to hang on the tree on the landing between the first and second floors. Others were placed in baskets. The overall result was a wonderful array of cheerful Easter eggs.

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