Underbar Övning: Peer-to-Peer in Swedish

The English Classes hosted a TET/work experience student from Sweden for a couple of days this past week. Here is what she wrote about herself:


My name is Saana and I am doing my TET/2-day work experience here at your school on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I live in Bollnäs, Sweden. During these two days I have cleaned and straightened for the teacher by filing papers in folders and binders. I taught the sixth graders some Swedish. I also taught the third graders a little Swedish.     

At my school in Bollnäs we just got our report cards and I am in the sixth grade. In Finland number grades are already given in the fourth grade. In Sweden we don’t get graded until the sixth grade. We don’t get number grades; we get letters, A – F.

It was really fun getting to know your school. I would like to come again. Thank you for this opportunity.

Our English Class sixth graders started studying Swedish for the first time this year. Under the guidance of their teacher, Ms. Anneli, they prepared questions for Saana. It was the very best kind of practice for the sixth graders because they were able to hone their language skills through practical immersion with someone their own age. Together they could compare and contrast, and realize all that they have in common with one another.

Saana also taught the English Class third graders some words in Swedish. The third graders were very eager to practice their new vocabulary.

One comment on “Underbar Övning: Peer-to-Peer in Swedish

  1. mrsgarbs says:

    What a great experience for Saana and the Cygnaeus students!

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