Active Bodies, Active Minds: Physical Activities for All

English Class first, second, third and fourth graders received invitations to participate in physical activities at the sports centre on Tuesday of this week. The event was organized as part of the the national Finnish Schools on the Move programme put into action by the town of Pori. Pitkis-Sport was instrumentally involved in the implementation of the day’s plentiful, diverse activities.

In the two photo collages above English Class third graders are practicing skills related to baseball, football techniques and relay skills.

All of the pupils had a chance to hone balancing abilities with a wobbling balance disc and scooters.

English Class fourth graders enthusiastically threw themselves into all of the activities available.  They are practicing long jumping and hockey skills as shown in the photo collage above.

A rousing game of football got the fourth graders moving rapidly up and down the mini-football pitch.

Field hockey and frisbee golf were very popular with all of the classes.

The English Class second graders played field hockey with great determination and a very positive spirit.

The second graders could show off their strengths when they played football and practiced baseball using a scaled-down football in an activity called tunnel ball.

The English Class first graders showed spirit and fitness on the football field. They played with great energy!

In the photo collage above you can see first graders practicing defensive playing skills in the upper left corner in the hockey box. The players tried to block other players from getting their ball through a hole in their designated holes while trying to score a point by getting a ball into an opponent’s hole. The sun was shining, even if the wind was a bit chilly. Fun was had by all and lots of new things were learned.


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