Heureka! Look at this!

English Class fifth graders and their teacher, Mr. Gregg, visited Heureka Science Centre in Vantaa on Thursday. The all day field trip is an annual activity for fifth graders at Cygnaeus and is sponsored by Cygnaeus School’s Parents’ Association. Much of what the fifth graders saw and experienced ties in directly with the new curriculum for fifth graders.

Play is the highest form of research,” declared Albert Einstein, and indeed that is what is proclaimed on the home page of Heureka Science Centre’s website. The science centre is carefully designed to emphasize the joy of discovery. The main exhibition includes favourites like the tightrope bicycle, the Foucault pendulum and hands-on information about making coins. There are countless classic exhibits where phenomena of physics and the natural world can be explored: buoyancy, simple machines, laws of motion, viscosity, light, electricity and so much, much more.

The Body Worlds, Animals Inside Out exhibit exposes what lies under the feathers, fur, skin or hide of animals. The Intelligent City exhibit addresses communication, technology and the infrastructure of tomorrow’s cities. Under Cover is an exhibit that demonstrates how the various camouflaging techniques of animals can be applied to military technology and know-how. Wind in the Bowels is a popular fun approach to demonstrating aspects of the human digestive system. Pupils were also able to participate in a laboratory session where they investigated acids and bases.

Join the fifth graders as they explore Heureka Science Centre in the video below.

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