English Class Kindergarten Children Help Update Pori’s Image

On Tuesday morning English Class kindergarten pupils visited PORiS, a temporary advertising office, with their teacher, Ms. Eevaliisa. Ms. Anu and Ms. Sylvia from the English Classes were also there. The kindergarten pupils were treated to juice and then asked to sit around a table. Students from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) asked  questions of the kindergarten children. The idea was that a small horse was placed in front of the child whose turn it was to speak. (See photo above in the middle.) Questions included what do you like to do in the summer, as well as, what do you enjoy doing in the winter. The purpose of the questioning was to get a sense of what in Pori is important to the children. Other SAMK students took notes on the children’s answers. All of this is part of a campaign to get an idea of what Pori is really about from its residents, young and old, as well as everyone in between. Ultimately it is hoped that the image of Pori can be updated somewhat by the advertising company in question.

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