Clay Workshop for Fifth and Sixth Graders

On Thursday of this week English Class fifth and sixth graders enjoyed a clay workshop conducted by Ms. Sylvia. First she taught them lots of new terms related to working with clay such as wedging the clay, kiln, loop tool, slip and lots more. Then she briefly described the 3 basic hand-building construction methods. Although clay is a substance that comes from the earth, the subject of the day was something that comes from water: fish.

Because the art room had been reserved for the day, both classes of 5th and 6th graders were packed like sardines into one classroom. There was barely enough elbow room, but the pupils nonetheless managed to mould fish with lots of character. Some pupils used the pinch-pot method of creating a hollow fish. Others sculpted a solid fish and used a loop tool to carve out the inside of the fish from the bottom. Ultimately some fish will be free standing. Others will be placed on a base with a wooden dowel that holds the fish up.

Even a whale or two managed to infiltrate our school of fish. The atmosphere during the workshop was focused, if not a bit loud from time to time.

The fish need to air dry for about ten days before they can be fired in the kiln. Check back on the art page in about three weeks to see how the pupils complete their fish!

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