Lunch in a Tent on Veterans’ Day

Yesterday, April 27th, was Veterans’ Day in Finland. A celebration to honour veterans in Satakunta was held in the Cygnaeus School cafeteria. To feed pupils from two different schools, a tent was set up at the back of Cygnaeus School’s schoolyard. That is where English Class pupils, their teachers along with pupils and teachers from PSYL ate their lunches during the day. The kitchen staff decided to jump-start May Day celebrations at the same time. The tent was decked out inside with balloons and serpentine to create a festive atmosphere.

Tables meant for standing around, inside and outside the tent, were really high for some of our younger pupils, even on tippy toes. They managed beautifully anyway. To add to the festive flavour of the day, juice and doughnuts were served for dessert. Mmm-mmm.

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