The 12th Annual Spring Run

In bright sunshine on Friday at 11.30 a.m., in Headmaster Arto Suni’s stead, Ms. Sylvia set all of the English Class pupils off on their annual Spring Run. She erroneously announced that it was the 11th annual Spring Run. In actuality, it is the twelfth!  Lots of parents were there to cheer the kids on.

The Spring Run is a fundraiser. Every pupil asks family members, neighbours, and friends for pledges of anything from 10 cents to 1 euro for every lap that the child runs around Cygnaeus School. The money earned is used by that pupil’s class for a possible study camp, a class trip or anything else the class decides upon together.

The English Class pupils ran with broad smiles and their faces and cheered one another on.  Even one little brother spectator felt the urge to run! (See photo above.) Because Cygnaeus School’s recess begins at 12 noon, the race always has to be stopped at 12. This year there were more pupils still running at noon time than there have ever been before in earlier runs. A couple of pupils managed to log a total of 32 laps around the school! That is quite an accomplishment!


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