Sixth Graders Learn Hands-on Composting

On Tuesday of this week English Class sixth graders participated in a field trip to Pori’s Waste Advisory Centre (Porin sedun jäteneuvonta) on Kirjurinluoto to learn firsthand about the basics of composting. The sixth graders learned that composting is controlling the decomposition (breakdown) of natural waste and organic solid wastes.  Composting should done in a bin where natural and organic waste is allowed to mix together and decompose into a crumbly fertilized soil.

The pupils also learned that, by composting we can reduce the amount of natural and organic waste that we bin, and that the final result of composting is free nutrient-rich soil for gardening. Natural and organic materials that can be composted include vegetable and fruit peels and scraps, grass cuttings, leaves, flowers, leftover table scraps, egg shells, tea bags and coffee grounds as well as stale bread. Paper, cardboard, sawdust and animal manure can also be composted.

The microorganisms that work to decompose or break down composted material also need water and air in which to work. That is why it is essential to regularly toss and turn over the decomposing materials in the bin.

People generate tons and tons of waste which are causing great harm to Earth. We can all work together to reduce waste. We can all make an effort to return something back to the Earth which provides us with sustenance. We can compost.


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