Finnish National Fishing Day 2017

Wednesday, May 17th was National Fishing Day in Finland. This year English Class first graders, third graders,  fifth and sixth graders, visited the banks of the Kokemäki River to learn about the different types of common fish and their anatomy. Each group had their own time slot. Pupils also had a chance to learn about fishing and then could actually fish with worms. Pupils were also able to taste some Baltic herring that was on offer.

The annual Fishing Day event is organized by the regional chapter of Finland’s Recreational Fishing Association in cooperation with the (Satakunnan Kalatalouskeskus) and other fish-related organizations. In addition to on-site activities, pupils and teachers were given lots of information in the form of booklets and brochures to explore back at school.  There was information on different types of bait, lures, fly fishing and ice fishing. There were directions for scaling and cleaning a fish, too. There was even a brochure that explained how to skin a burbot!

Cold temperatures and a brisk wind combined to make a wind chill factor that felt more like January than May this year but the interesting activities made almost everyone forget how cold it was.

Pupils were able to taste Baltic herring fillets that had been breaded lightly and then baked. For some pupils it was a bit of a concern to eat the herring bones and all, but actually , the herring bones are very soft and pliable so there is no choking hazard.

Below is a video of English Class fifth and sixth graders tasting herring, learning about fish anatomy and actually fishing.

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    Excellent experience.

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