A Successful Summer Sale

Organizing a sale at any time of the school year is always a challenge for both the class, as well as the teacher. To have a sale during the last couple of weeks of school in particular requires a great deal of focus, coordination and teamwork. The English Class fifth graders and their teacher, Mr. Gregg, pulled it off with flying colours!

Large doses of imagination, marketing and entrepreneurship combined made this sale memorable. A recycling station was set up for used books and toys. Children could trade things they brought from home for objects of fair value, or lacking an item to trade, children could purchase an item at the price of 1 – 3 euros. Mr. Gregg supervised the the station to make sure that fair value was achieved.

In addition to the recycling station, fifth graders offered face and hand painting, a floor ball challenge, a secret obstacle course, among other things to Cygnaeus School pupils who attended the sale.

Funds raised from the sale will be applied to a class trip or study camp in the sixth grade.

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