About the English Classes

Group challenge

Group challenge

The English Classes at Cygnaeus School began in the year 2001 to meet the educational needs of

  • children born outside of Finland who are now residing in the greater Pori area (Karhukunnat) on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Finnish children who have lived outside of Finland for any length of time
  • children who demonstrate skills adequate enough to receive all of their instruction in English
  • children of families planning to reside outside of Finland for some length of time in the future

To be enrolled at entry level in the English Classes at Cygnaeus School, children must pass a test administered by no less than two faculty members of the school. More information about the school and admission can be found here.

Cygnaeus School has an English kindergarten and grades 1 – 6. Each grade level has its own classroom teacher with less than 20 pupils on average. The English Classes have a total enrollment of slightly over one hundred pupils. In essence we are a school within a school, forming roughly one third of the population of Cygnaeus School.

We  follow the exact same curriculum of a Finnish school but subjects are taught in English. French and German are offered as elective languages.  Teaching methods are very diversified, including inquiry based learning, experiential learning, problem-based learning, technology and much, much more. The arts feature strongly in our curriculum because of the specialized training of our teachers. For more detailed information about the English Classes, go to Cygnaeus School English Classes at https://goo.gl/Px3w8t.

Upper primary school  studies continue in English in grades 7 -9 at the neighbouring school, PSYL (Porin suomalainen yhteislyseo).

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