Art 2014-15

Egg Carton Flower Gardens

flower garden_1en

First graders painted egg cartons to make blossoms for their gardens. They painted strips of thick cardboard and natural straw reeds green to set off their beautiful blooms. These flowers will bloom all summer long without withering!

Flower Quarter Close-upsflower closeups

English Class fourth graders created these sensational close-up flower pictures using oil pastels.

 Dragonflies in Water Colours


English Class fourth graders created lovely abstract backgrounds by using the wet-on-wet painting technique. Then they added dragonflies, reeds and grasses to get a slightly 3 dimensional effect.

Black and White Self-portraits on a Patchwork Background


The black line drawing portraits the English Class first graders did of themselves really pop against the colourful tissue paper patchwork of the background. Each portrait captures the essence of its maker!



One Point Perspective Tulip Fields

tulipfieldsEnglish Class fourth graders practised basic perspective techniques when they used bright colours to capture fields of tulips on paper.

Easter Egg Art

Easter egg art

English Class fifth and sixth graders are creating perfectly wonderful patterned eggs using tempera paints. They started by creating sections on their eggs. Then they created patterns in pencil. The eggs are being completed by painting in the patterns with colour.

Wet-on-Wet Pussywillows

English Class second graders brought in bouquets of pussywillow branches to make a very big bunch of pussywillows indeed. After studying them closely, the pupils used old-fashioned dip or nib pens and India ink, also known as tusce, on wet paper to draw stalks of pussywillows. The next day, after the paper had dried, hey used dry pastel crayons to lightly tint the pussywillows. 




Hanging in the corridor the lovely pussywillows remind us that spring is well under way.

Clay Totems

clay totems

English Class sixth graders crafted totem figure containers from clay using the slab method. Their goal is to grow Easter grass in the containers once they have been fired.

clay totems2

Candy Wrapper Art


English Class first graders are re-purposing candy wrappers to create the skins for exotic Aftican animals. Don’t these animals look a treat?



Reading, Reading

English Class second graders used oil pastels to draw pictures of animals reading. Of course animals don’t really read, only humans can do that! But the second graders wanted to make a point that when you are reading you are never really alone.

Torn Paper Mosaic Penguins

English Class first graders made some funky penguins using bits of torn paper. Check out the video below to see the results of their work.

Tools in Charcoal


Practicing shading techniques and learning about tone values (see below) paid off for English Class sixth graders when they drew tools from models using charcoal.

Flamingo Friends


English Class fourth graders collaborated with English Class kindergarten pupils before the winter break to create lovely flamingo friends. Each fourth grader and preschooler painted the palm side of one hand a lovely shade of pink. Then they pressed their hands on the paper with fingers spread out to make lovely tail feathers. They painted the necks and added eyes and beaks. Next they painted the legs of the flamingos in orange. The final touch came when they pressed fingerprints to create a border. Half of the pictures are hanging along side of the fourth grade classroom. The other half are hanging downstairs where the kindergarten has its class.


Valentine Potato Prints


After reading the delightful story, Big Bob and the Magic Valentine’s Day Potato, several English Class second graders made potato print hearts of their own.  Some heart prints were made with a tear-shaped potato used twice. Others were made with heart shaped carvings in the potatoes.


After making the prints and adding a few colourful paper hearts the second graders framed the pictures with a crepe paper ruffled edge. This was made by crimping the edge of the crepe paper with their fingers.

Shading Values


English Class sixth graders have been learning about shading. Values (also called tones) are various shades of grey. A wide range of different values is the primary ingredient of shading. Pupils used hatched lines or crosshatching (overlapping lines) to practice the shading technique.


Winter Birdhouses and Bird Feeders


English Class third graders worked long and hard on their wintery bird scenes. Watch the video below to see the results of their efforts.

Snowmen at Night


English Class fourth graders think that some snowmen may sing karaoke or play hockey at night.


Some snowmen may practice snowboarding on the sly or become champion downhill skiers.


Snowmen may even stand on their heads while others sing serenades.


These snowmen appear to be good at enjoying themselves at winter sports!

Animals on Christmas Eve


English Class second graders created wonderful wintery night skies using water colours, after which they created landscapes using oil pastel crayons. They placed animals gazing at the starry skies in the foreground and coloured them with oil pastels. The final touch was to add glittering stars and snow to make the pictures pop. Watch the slide show animation of their work.

Christmas Baubles


English Class fourth grade pupils created lovely Christmas ball ornaments using painted papers that they had prepared themselves. They decorated the Christmas baubles with star motifs using glitter and a silver paint pen. The they used silver ric-rac trim from which to suspend the balls. The final touch was putting silver string around the pictures to create a frame. They look amazing on our school stairwell!




Halloween Art

halloween art

English Class sixth graders created Halloween scratch art. They drew pumpkins or jack o’lanterns and coloured them using oil pastels. They then painted over their own pictures using black acrylic paint. The final step was to scratch the original pictures until they were once again visible, thereby creating interesting pictures vaguely resembling woodcuts.

halloween art2

The Eyes Have it!

Eyes are the lamp of your body, the window to your soul. Eyes tell a great deal about a person. English Class sixth graders had an opportunity to get close and personal with eyes when they created their own eye paintings on wooden blocks.


The first step was to pencil in the eyes after very careful observation. Then, using tempera paints, the pupils painted the eyes on the blocks. The results are, shall we say, eye-catching!


Shape Abstracts

shape abstracts

English Class fifth graders created collages of shapes on black paper to create striking colourful abstract pictures.

Beautiful Colours of Autumn

English Class first graders drew four different leaves free hand and coloured them with the hues of fall using oil pastel crayons. Then they used water colour wash for the background. Click the title to see a slide animation of their fine work.

Autumn Leaves Slide Animation 


Autumn Leaves


English Class second graders collected colourful autumn leaves from all of the trees they have been learning about in the school yard. They arranged the leaves between two circles of contact plastic. Then they cut out sturdy tree trunks and assembled the trees on their classroom windows resulting in spectacular fall foliage.

Mushrooms from Models

Photo 7.10.2014 19.59.24

English Class second graders used their powers of observation to draw these mushrooms using oil pastels on black paper. They are so real looking, and can be easily identified from the drawing.

Second Graders’ Sunflowers

Photo 24.9.2014 20.00.44

The magic formula for magnificent sunflowers is a lot of imagination, oil pastel crayons and paper to go along with eager, focused second grade pupils.

Silhouette Collages


English Class sixth graders created collages relating to things that they liked. They used their own silhouettes in which to create the collage in the spirit of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The results are interesting.





Sixth Grade Name Art


English Class sixth graders created unique art using the letters of their names. They drew block letters at various angles to one another and used oil pastel crayons to colour them. Then a black ink was used to cover the background. The results are stunning. Can you guess the names of the sixth graders?





Crows by Second Graders


Careful observation by English Class second graders resulted in this flock of crows. The second graders used graphite stick pencils to make their drawings.

Did you know that a group of crows is called a “murder” of crows? To find out more about this strange custom of calling a group of crows a “murder of crows”, follow this link.

Chickens in Charcoal

4enchickens4English Class fourth graders have been studying farm animals recently in their environmental studies lessons. They have learned about sows, boars and piglets, ewes, rams and lambs and much, much more. Today they used charcoal to draw cockerels or roosters and hens. Check out this fine flock of feathered fowl!




Fireweed in Water Colours


fire2Fireweed (a.k.a. willow herb) has been the subject of study in environmental studies class in the English Class third grade. This pinkish purple flower can be found along roadsides and is one of the first plants to appear after an area has been cleared or burned, Hence the common name, fireweed. Actually the flower is composed of clusters of flowers which can be seen very nicely in the water colours above. Bees produce a delicious honey from the flowers of the fireweed,

English Class third graders have also learned about the fruit of the fireweed which are narrow seed pods that split and release a multitude of tiny, fluffy, white seeds that get carried away by the wind like parachutes.

Garden Harvest Veggies and Berries


English Class fourth graders drew lots to select a vegetable or berry that is harvested here in Finland at this time of year. They located examples of the given vegetable or berry on their tablets and then they drew an outline on paper. They used water colours to finish their featured harvest crop. Look below to see the results of their efforts.

harvest pic3



Diving into Second Grade


English Class second graders created wonderful pictures of themselves swimming underwater. They used oil pastel crayons and then water colour resist to make these swimming self-portraits.




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  1. Sartenada says:

    They are lovely indeed.

  2. Joanne Morrison says:

    What a WOW art show – totally extraordinary – it is fabulous !!!!!! Thank you teachers and students.

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