Art 2015 -16

Zendoodle Patterned Footballs


It is difficult to think of a more relaxing, therapeutic art project toward the end of the school year than doodling patterns on a football outside on a sunny day in May!


English Class second graders entered a state of flow as they sat and focused on drawing their doodles.


The resulting patterns show that they were really in the zone!


It is hard to believe that these were done by second graders!

Spring Has Sprung!

The following video features lovely spring flowerbeds paintings by English Class third graders using done with water colours.

Cats in Colourful Quarters

art cats

Cats are a favourite subject of art with children and the English Class second graders are no exceptions to this rule. The children drew a cat that filled the entire drawing paper. Then they literally quartered the cat, but only with a crayon! Then they coloured the cat using oil pastels. Each quarter got its own colour treatment.

art cats2

The completed cats were tacked up on the second door classroom door to make a wonderful patchwork of personable, colourful cats.

Milk Carton Birdhouses


In honour of spring, English Class second graders made fanciful birdhouses from milk cartons. In the process of working on the project the second graders discovered that they had some problems with premixed tempera paint peeling off the milk cartons after the paint had dried.


Adding a little dish detergent and glue to the premixed tempera paint appeared to solve the problem well.


The completed birdhouses were placed in the vitrine in the corridor for all to admire.


The Colour Wheel and Brown Bird

mixing colours_1en

English Class first graders learned all sorts of things in this art project starting with how to use a ruler following a model and how to hold a paint brush. They learned what the primary colours are, and then they mixed the secondary colours themselves. Green, in particular, was a revelation to some children. The pupils had fun mixing light and dark shades of orange, green and purple. A big surprise awaited the children at the end of the lesson when they mixed the three primary colours together.  Using this new colour they painted for a bit on a separate sheet of paper.

mixing colours_c_1en

The following day the children drew the silhouette of a bird in the middle of their own colour wheel. Then each child painted the bird silhouette using the new colour made by mixing the three primary colours together.

mixing colours_b_1en

Along with all of the other important things that were learned during this art project, one lesson was repeated again and again. That was how to carefully clean a paint brush. Every time that a new paint colour was used, the brush had to be cleaned!

Name Art

English Class third graders started by writing their names boldly on a piece of A3 art paper. Then, using felt markers, the pupils radiated contour lines out from their names. The overall results are embodied in this short video clip.

A Crowd of Easter Eggs and Chicks


English Class second graders created these unique chicks and Easter eggs. The lesson was a great opportunity to point out that in a crowd, or flock in this case, not every bit shows.


The second graders used felt pens to colour their personable chicks and eggs.



Together they make for a delightful splash of colour!


Fox Under the Northern Lights

northern lights_2en

A few snips here and a few snips there and the English Class second graders were ready to assemble their collage paper foxes made mostly of triangles, They placed their foxes on snow under the magnificent northern lights that they had drawn with dry pastel chalks onto black tempera painted cardboard backgrounds .

northern lights_2en_d

The results are quite simply too cute for words!

northern lights_2en_c


northern lights_2en_b


northern lights_2en_a

Values, Tints and Shades in a Winter Sky

values and tints_2en

English Class second graders are learning about colour values. which means the lightness or darkness of a colour. They mixed the values of  blue by making its tints and shades to create a winter sky.

values and tints2_2en

Next they tore white paper to make a snowy landscape. Black silhouette features were added to the landscape and finally fat snowflakes were dabbed on with a cotton swab.

Newspaper Week Cityscapes

newspaper city2_3en

English Class third graders, under the guidance of their teacher, Mr. Juho, created black and white cityscapes on newspaper. Then they used water colour washes to paint in pastel backgrounds. The resulting pictures are arresting.

newspaper city_3en


newspaper city3_3en

Newspaper Strip Animals for Newspaper Week

newspaper week art2

English Class first graders and fourth graders ended their week of learning with newspapers by making the silhouettes of animals using strips of newspaper.

newspaper week art3

The children made everything from a badger to a mouse. The completed works made a great display!

newspaper week art4

Polar Bear on Arctic Ice


English Class second and third graders learned about several different art techniques while creating pictures depicting a polar bear on Arctic ice under the full moon.  After taping their paper to the table with masking tape, the pupils used washes to create a background of sky and ice. The pupils sprinkled salt on the wet purple paint to achieve a textured snowy sky.

With a tissue stretched over the bottom of a plastic cup the pupils blotted a spot on the still wet sky to create a full moon. Then the pupils placed a strip of plastic cling wrap over the lower blue area, making sure that no cling wrap went past the horizon. They left their work to dry overnight with the cling wrap and salt still in place.


The following day, after removing the cling wrap and extra salt, the pupils used bottled white ready mixed tempera paint to dab a polar bear onto the Arctic scene. They all used a stencil to do this.


The overall results were nothing short of amazing!

Snowmen in a Huddle

snowmen fp_4en

English Class fourth graders used mixed media, tempera paint and oil pastels, to make four snowmen huddling. This view of snowmen called frog’s perspective or worm’ s eye view, although it is doubtful that either a frog or a worm would be outside looking up at snowmen on a frosty day in the winter!

snowmen fp2_4en


Inspired by “Happy Feet”


English Class fifth graders are hard at work rendering mixed media pictures of penguins that were inspired by Happy Feet. The pupils are creating water colour wash backgrounds and then they are using oil pastels to create their penguins. Check back in a week or two to see some more completed projects.

Winter Birds in Tempera Water Colours


This week English Class sixth graders are using tempera paint to capture the essence of small birds that winter in Finland. The list of birds includes waxwings, bullfinches, willow tits, great tits, finches and lots of other small birds. Check in again soon to see some of the completed works.


Stunning Snowmen by Second Graders


Over a period of several days, English Class second graders worked slowly to create their marvelous snowmen on sturdy strips of cardboard that had been donated to the school. The first step of their project was to paint a background blending blue, black and white to create a wintery evening mood. Next, using only white paint, they painted in the head and part of the body of the snowman. Colourful earmuffs and a scarf were then added, along with handsome carrot noses pointing up toward the night sky.


The second graders used a felt pen to add details like buttons and smiles to their snowmen. The final touch by the pupils was to dab dots of snow and glue die cut snowflakes to their art work.


The completed snowmen were a grand sight to behold in their flurry of snowflakes!

Snowmen from a Worm’s Viewpoint

snowman art_3en

English Class third graders thought about what things would look like looking upward on a winter night when four snowmen huddle together in a group.

snowman art2_3en

The pupils succeeded in making snowmen that ooze originality in their head gear and facial expressions!

Christmas Candle Still Lifes

English Class sixth graders used chalk pastels to draw Christmas candle and bauble still lifes.

Full Moon Night Sky

full moon4_5en

English Class fifth graders began their art lesson with a quiet relaxation session replete with music. In the darkened classroom area the fifth graders viewed a night sky scene  (see above) and then lay down slowly and envisioned their own night skies. Below are their own creative expressions of a full moon night sky painted in tempera.


full moon_5en

full moon2_5en

full moon3_5en

Leaf Prints in First Grade

leaf prints_1en

Just look at the masterpieces that English Class first graders achieved when they printed with leaves covered in white paint on black paper. Then they very carefully filled in the background with splodges of colourful ready mixed tempera paint. The results are awesome.

leaf prints2_1en

leaf prints3_1en

leaf prints4_1en

Under My Umbrella, -ella, -ella


Using oil pastel crayons English Class second graders showed what it is like to be hidden safe and dry under a beautiful, colourful umbrella. These bright umbrellas will keep spirits from drooping when it rains!


Torn Paper Critter Menagery


English Class third graders let their imaginations run rampant when they created creatures from bits of torn magazines and newspaper. Just look at all the cool critters they made!






First Grade Foxes


English Class first graders drew outlines of foxes and then used soft dry pastels to colour them.


The foxes have all kinds of personality, just like their makers.



Fields in Satakunta -Collage

field collage_4en

English Class fourth graders painted paper to create different colours and textures. They then painted a sky and began assembling bits and pieces to create a collage of fields.

field collage_4ena

Printed Fish in the Style of Swimmy


English Class first graders heard the story of Swimmy and were inspired by the sensational pictures by author and illustrator Leo Lionni. They sponged printed Swimmy and his friends today.


The first graders really have learned that in this school we all swim together!