Art 2017-2018

Playful Picasso Portraits

picasso_3EN_6 EN

Both English Class third graders and English Class sixth graders learned about the life of Pablo Picasso by watching a short film on the subject.  After that the pupils played a game resulting in the sketches shown in the collage above.

picasso_3EN_6 EN_b

Finally, using the sketches as inspirations, the pupils drew larger versions of their sketches and coloured them in using oil pastels. It was a project that both classes appeared to enjoy very much!


Warm and Cool Colour Trees

This art project was a happy integration of math and art for English Class fourth graders.  They measured with rulers to find the point that they needed to place the end of their compasses. The learned to draw perfect circles using a compass.

Then they drew in their branched trees. Finally they measured out the squares for the background.

After their teacher, Ms. Anu, explained which colours are considered warm colours and which colours are considered cool colours, the fourth graders made warm foliage for their trees using oil pastel crayons.


Paper Mosaic Mushrooms

English Class second graders learned what boletes and fly agaric mushrooms look like. The children penciled in the shape of their desired mushroom and then used torn bits of paper to create a mosaic effect. The results are striking again the black paper background!


Rainy Day

English Class first graders were inspired by the weather to paint rain and puddles. They were inspired by listening to the sounds rain makes and singing some songs. They collaged bright raincoats and umbrellas to complete their rainy day pictures.

Two Views at Once

English Class fourth graders experimented with an important principle of cubist art when they created portraits where two sides or views are depicted at the same time. They drew portraits in the spirit of Picasso using oil pastels on black paper. The completed artwork displayed over their coat rack outside their classroom is also a delightful gallery of diversity.

Families Drawn by First Graders

English Class first graders celebrated their uniqueness and diversity by drawing pictures of themselves and their families using oil pastels on green squares of paper. The overall results are lovely because these children know that families don’t have to match. Like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions. Yet, our roots in family unite us.

Oil Pastel Meadow Wildflowers

English Class fifth graders drew dry meadow wildflowers that grow in Pori using oil pastels on black paper.


Self-Portraits by Third Graders

English Class third graders began the school year with cool expressionist self portraits. They started by studying the shapes of heads and learned how to draw eyes, noses and lips. Then they sketched their own portraits.

The third graders divided their portrait sketches into sections and then fearlessly painted the faces expressively.

The overall result is a wonderful display of colourful characters.