Art 2013-14

A Bevy of Butterflies

These amazing butterflies were created by our first and second graders. They painted both sides of paper, let it dry and then cut out the butterflies following a pattern. The careful outlines and spots were added by the pupils. The result is a stunning summery swarm of butterflies on the stairwell of the school.

bevy of butterflies

Butterflies in Watercolours by Third Graders

English Class third grade pupils learned about mixing and blending colours when they created these beautiful watercolour butterflies. Each one is more stunning than the next!



Kite Transparencies

English Class sixth grade pupils created kite transparencies featuring their own names. Don’t they look wonderful on our school’s Jugend style windows?

kite transparencies

Giant Pandas from Asia: An Animation

In keeping with making artwork to represent every continent, the English Class third graders created giant pandas using charcoal for Asia. Some  pupils really enjoyed sketching and blending in charcoal; others found it quite stressful when the charcoal left smudges on the paper. Clink the text link above the picture of the giant panda to enjoy a slideshow showing us in our classroom creating our pandas and bamboo borders.

3 EN’s Giant Pandas in Charcoal 


Proportions of the Human Body


English Class fifth graders have been learning about the proper proportions of the human body by modelling with salt dough.They learned that the human adult is 71/2 – 8 head-lengths tall.


The fifth graders then used coloured bits of torn paper to create a radiant background setting off their human figures. The results are splendid multimedia collages.

mosaic figure



butterfly models

English Class first and second graders are using their tablets for finding models of butterflies to draw. This saves on paper and printing costs, not to mention the fact that the vibrant colours can be seen and appreciated better. So much of drawing well involves learning how to observe detail carefully.

Butterflies play an important role in May’s activities at school. It is difficult to believe that the butterflies below were made by first and second graders!




Birds in Pastels

English Class fourth graders created colourful small birds using dry pastels and a black oil pastel as an outliner.

South American Parrots: An Animation

English Class third graders learned about gradual blending of colours as they painted colourful South American parrots in their continuing studies of the continents of the world. Click the text above the picture of the parrot to see an animation of their work. (Be sure to have your sound turned on as well so you can hear real South American parrots!)

South American Parrots by 3 EN 


African Savannah


English Class third graders painted brilliant sunset pictures of the African Savannah in their continuing studies of the continents.

Fourth Grade Shoebox Theatre

English Class fourth grade pupils have been working on creating characters and writing a script in Finnish about that character in a story. The only restriction for the story was that it had to include a magic mirror. At the same time pupils have been changing a shoe box into an amazing theatre set. They have used mixed media, designed furniture out of match boxes, used sand which they then painted to create their story environments etc. The characters have been drawn, painted or magazine images have been cut out and used. These shoebox theatre plays will be soon performed for other classes to enjoy.





English Class fourth graders created views of what they would see if they looked through a kaleidoscope.

English Class fourth graders created views of what they would see if they looked through a kaleidoscope.

Winter Olympics Art

winterolymp2When the winter Olympics were going on, 4th graders learned about the colours used in the Olympic rings and what each colour represents. Every 4th grade pupil chose one winter Olympic game and selected one Olympic ring colour. On a big sheet of cardboard, they started by drawing an outline using tape. No pencil sketching was allowed. Each pupil had one color from the Olympic ring, except for when we run out of tape. Then it was necessary to improvise the rest of the colours.

Space Scenes: An Animation

English Class second graders created space scenes and then researched interesting facts about our solar system. Take an animated space adventure by clicking the text link above the picture.

Second Graders Space Scenes 


Clay Easter Rabbits

clay rabbits2
English Class third and fourth graders continued working with clay a second day. This time the work was more exacting and required more finesse. The results are wonderful rabbits that are all as individual and unique as their creators.
clay rabbits

Coiled Clay Pots for Easter Grass


Cygnaeus School English Class third and fourth graders made clay pots using the coil technique. When they have air dried and been fired in the kiln, liners will be put in the pots and then soil will be added. Then the pupils will plant grass seeds to sprout in time for Easter. We will add a follow-up photo later on to show the final results.

First Graders’ Foxes: An Animation

English Class 1st graders drew foxes following a model. Their success is evident in the animation that you will see by pressing the text link above the picture of the fox.

First Graders’ Foxes 


Spring Rabbits: An Animation

English Class 5th graders drew rabbits using oil pastels. Follow the text link below to see a slide show of the first seven drawings to be completed.

English Class 5EN’s Spring Rabbits 


Newspaper Art


English Class third graders continued to be inspired by newspapers the week following National Newspaper Week. They created inspirational valentines for their friends and an entire zoo of newspaper animals.

newspaper animals2

newspaper animals

Crocheted Scarves for Snowmen


English Class first and second graders crocheted chain stitch scarves for their snowmen. Don’t they look dashing!

Fifth Graders Make Valentine Notans

English Class 5th graders created a cut paper collage with a composition where both positive and negative spaces are reversed in the theme of Valentine's Day.

English Class 5th graders created a cut paper collage with a composition where both positive and negative spaces are reversed in the theme of Valentine’s Day.

Dot Paintings by Third Graders


English Class 3rd graders created stunning art when they made dot paintings of animals in the style of Australian aborigines.






Ice Art


English Class fourth graders went to see the movie, Frozen, with their teacher, Ms. Riina.They were so thrilled with their experiences watching the film that it inspired them to experiment with ice art. Part of the fun was finding a secret place for the freezing to take place. Some even carried on with experiments making more ice art at home. In fact, there are plans to make yet more ice art.



Winter Trees

English Class third graders didn’t think they could make such great paintings showing foreground and background perspective. These paintings look very wintry.

landscape 3a

landscape 2a

landscape 1a

Angel Paintings

The angel painting was an excellent opportunity for the third graders to practise shading and monochromatic painting.



Angel Transparencies

Fifth graders painted transparencies with tissue paper and silhouettes to create their angels.





Zentangle Trees on Cold Colour Backgrounds

Fifth and sixth graders practiced different techniques for using coloured pencils while doing backgrounds for their zentangle trees. They learned about hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, blending and scumbling. They also learned about warm colours and cold colours in the spectrum. The final results were satisfying to one and all.






Fourth Grade Halloween Lanterns

These lanterns really set a spooky mood.

These lanterns really set a spooky mood.

Happy Halloween Pumpkins

Entry level English Classes made these fine jack o’lanterns. Click on the pictures to get a larger view.

Don't  these jack o'lanterns make you feel happy?

Don’t these jack o’lanterns make you feel happy?

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

These are jolly jack o'lanterns, aren't they?

These are jolly jack o’lanterns, aren’t th

Fourth Grade Art

English Class fourth graders studied the art of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian who lived in the early part of the 20th century. This was  followed by studies of work by the local Finnish artist, Emil Cedercreutz, who lived at about the same time as Mondrian. Although better known for his sculpture, Cedercreutz also cut intricate silhouettes. The art work here by 4th graders  was inspired by both of these artists. Fourth graders also displayed their signatures prominently on their artwork.

mc1 mc2 mc3 mc4

Autumn Art by Third Graders

Autumn woods printed with wine bottle corks. Simple, yet elegant!

Autumn woods printed with wine bottle corks. Simple, yet elegant!

SPOOKY CASTLES. These castles are just the right thing to get you into the Halloween spirit. Third graders used black markers and water colours to create eerie, spooky paintings.





Wonderfully Whacky Witches

In the spirit of Halloween English Class fifth graders used water colours  to create a wet wash sunset. Then they used scraps of black paper to create their wild and weird witches.






Second Grade Lions

The second graders are as happy as lions! They created the manes of their lions using strips cut from magazines. These lions make you smile, don’t they?

Photo 24.9.2013 12.02.58


Third Graders Exploring Watercolours

During the first art lessons this school year third graders have been studying the secrets of watercolours. They have practised the right painting technique and maintenance of colours and brushes. The art of mixing different colours together and creating new ones was also discovered while working.

Birthday kites surround the 3rd grade classroom door.

Birthday kites surround the 3rd grade classroom door.

Bright rainbow colours were both fun, yet challenging.

Bright rainbow colours were both fun, yet challenging.

Fifth Graders’ Autumn Art

The following work was created by drawing leaf designs with pencil, tracing over the lines with white glue that dried clear, and then finally using oil pastels to finish colouring the leaves.




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