December Star Talent

English Class first, second and third graders are brimming with all sorts of talents and skills! On Friday of last week they showed off their abilities to the English Class kindergarten children and one another. We heard a rap performance by three third grade boys, watched a taekwondo demonstration, enjoyed a video clip of a first grade ice hockey player making a goal, were amazed by a talented magician performing magic tricks and laughed as a clown lost her nose and scarf again and again.

We were thoroughly entertained by a cheerleading routine choreographed by a group of third grade girls.

We were mesmerized by the lip-syncing skills of a second grader who also had choreographed delightful hand motions to the song, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. One second grader showed an animation he had created all by himself.  Two second grade boys demonstrated their footballing skills using a balloon. We heard pupils singing and playing instruments, including flutes, piano and a violin. Watch the video below to see some of what we enjoyed!

Fourth Graders Participate in the Ice Skating Tour

The 20th annual Ice Skating Tour arrived at the artificial ice skating rink in Pori on Friday the 15th of December. English Class fourth graders, along with other fourth graders from Cynaeus School, participated in all of the fun activities that were on offer. This event is sponsored by the Finnish League of Ice Skating.

The pupils actively skated for sixty minutes under the guidance of trained ice skating tour leaders. The goal was to try to  engage pupils in the joy of skating and to work up a sweat while having fun.

A refreshment break added to the enjoyment of the overall experience.


P.E. on the Island of Kirjurinluoto

Last week English Class third graders and their teacher, Ms. Riina took advantage of the freshly fallen snow to have a special physical education lesson on the island of Kirjurinluoto. After a brisk hike from school, the class headed to Pori’s Park Garden Centre/Porin Viherkeskus to see the Christmas displays they had set out. There were many things to see both outdoors and inside the Centre.

There were many wreaths on display. Each third grader was able to vote for the wreath they chose as best looking. A raffle of participating visitors will result in a prize of a special flower arrangement.


After visiting the Park Garden Centre the third graders headed to the park where they tried to build the biggest snowmen ever. That meant a lot of pushing and rolling because there was only a slight cover of snow on the ground. With muscle power, determination and stamina they set the heavy balls on top of one another.

The boys had rolled such big snowballs for their snowman that they decided to build a snowman that was sleeping on the ground! The boys were so tired at this point that they decided that they, too, needed a quick nap. With red cheeks, smiles and good spirits the third graders returned to school to finish out the day.

Christmas Card Workshop

On Wednesday of this week English Class kindergarten pupils joined with English Class first and second graders for a Christmas card workshop.

Some model cards were put on view and pupils made cards on their own following the models.

Although a lot of time had not been allotted for the workshop, even the youngest pupils were able to complete at least one card, if not more. A sampling of the completed cards is shown above.

St. Lucia’s Day at the Swedish School

Today, December 13th, is St. Lucia’s Day which is celebrated in Sweden and among Swedish speaking people in Finland. English Class fifth and sixth graders attended the St. Lucia’s Day procession and programme this morning at Björneborgs Svenska Samskola. St. Lucia’s Day is a festival of lights that is celebrated in Sweden, Norway, and in Swedish-speaking areas of Finland on December 13 in honour of St. Lucia.  Lucia was killed for her religious beliefs and became a martyr for Christians.

Since English Class sixth graders began their Swedish studies this autumn, the visit was especially appropriate. The singing, accompanied by piano and violin, was particularly touching. A sample may be heard in the video clip below.

“Frosty” with Boomwhackers

After only a couple of practice sessions in their music lesson, the English Class fifth graders played Frosty the Snowman with boomwhackers. If most of the pupils look rather serious as they play, it is only because they are really concentrating on this new boomwhacker piece!

Friday Math Stations

“Yippee! We have math!” Friday math stations are a favourite activity with English Class first graders. In the activity above the first graders are finding addends on the dominoes that total the sum shown on the card. Some pupils wanted to do this activity again and again.

After listening to Ms. Sylvia read Jan Brett’s retelling of the Ukranian folktale, The Mitten, during an English lesson, the first graders received a paper showing two mitten outlines. One mitten was labeled “Odd”; the other mitten was labeled “Even”. After learning about odd and even numbers and skip counting by odd and even numbers in math class, the first graders looked for numbers posted in the corridor. The objective was to write the found number either in the odd mitten or the even mitten.

In the qr-code math station pupils scanned a qr-code into their iPads. The code opened a picture of Unifix cubes. Depending upon the picture, pupils needed to construct a mathematical expression using the same amount of cubes to show either addition or subtraction. This was a very popular station!

Another popular station was a challenge to create unique snowflakes using wooden geometric puzzle pieces. The snowflakes were amazing!