The First Two Days as a First Grader

On the first day of school English Class first graders discovered that someone was even more worried and afraid about the first day than they were! That “someone” was their class mascot, Teddy Bear Bob, who was discovered hiding high above the maps at the front of the classroom. It didn’t take long for Teddy Bear Bob to discover that the new first grade class is simply delightful, so he moved down to sit on top of the piano where can he sit and quietly observe.

As one of the first orders of business the first graders crafted name and picture labels for the coat rack so that they know where to find their things. They also went to the local park for some extra playtime because their teacher, Ms. Tellervo, knows that a socially inclusive classroom begins with children playing together.

Nests for Oscar the Squirrel


The English Class first graders have a class mascot, Oscar the squirrel. Oscar hangs out in the evergreen tree near the fish pond where the first graders meet for their morning circle. Every morning a new fish is added to the fish pond to show how many days school has been in session this year. As you can see, school has been in session for forty five days already. Occasionally fist graders bring gifts to Oscar. The two cards in the photo collage above are such gifts. Because winter is fast approaching, Oscar needed nests in which to sleep and store his food.


Each of four groups covered a balloon with papier maché. After it had dried the children glued sticks and twigs to the outside of the shell of the nest to make it look more natural, Now Oscar the squirrel can choose where to sleep and where to store his food.