Good Citizenship Awards

Every school year the English Class Parents’ Association sponsors awards for a pupil from each grade level. These awards are given to pupils who have been selected by their class teachers. The children who receive the award have, among other things, demonstrated strength of character, good manners and overall good citizenship. The awards are gift certificates to a local bookstore.

This year the recipients of these awards are (from left to right): 5th grader Luca Koskenkanto, 6th grader Stella Manninen, 4th grader Mari-Leen Liivat, 3rd grader Iiris Huhta, 2nd grader Lelia Deutschmann and first grader Eeva Kilkku. We offer heartfelt congratulations to each and every award recipient!

Bowling in P.E. Class


English Class third and fourth graders had a treat on Friday when they went bowling with their teachers, Ms. Leena and Ms. Kati during their physical education class. The Cygnaeus School Parents’ Association paid for the bowling. Everyone bowled, including the teachers, and all had a wonderful time.