The English Class Spring Fest

This year’s English Classes’ annual Spring Fest began with an adorable number by the English Class kindergarten (aka. preschool). As always, the programme was very diversified with everything from cheerleading, tumbling and acrobatics to singing and dancing. This year there were so many reading certificate recipients that it was not possible to get them to all fit into one photograph! Heartfelt congratulations to each and every pupil who earned a reading certificate!

Below are video clips showing the fun assortment of entertainment that friends and family enjoyed on Tuesday evening. There were some acts that are not included here as well, but hints of what took place can be seen in the photo collages above.

Reading Diplomas Awarded

reading certificates

Special reading diplomas were awarded to English Class pupils who had completed all of the Finnish National Board of Education’s Kunnari: Luomoava lukudiploomi reading tasks for their own grade level. In a short ceremony at last Friday’s assembly Ms. Sylvia awarded reading diplomas to second graders Frans, Wilhelmiina, Tiira and Saffron who had completed the “Tapiiri”/Tapir tasks over the course of this school year by reading a selection of books from different genres. Two fifth graders, Ella and Benjamin, also earned reading diplomas by completing tasks from the “Matida” selection of books. Five sixth grade girls, Eeva, Helmi, Yasmin, Rilla and Viola, as well completed the “Matilda” selection of books from different genres and did the tasks related to the books to earn their reading certificates.

English Class pupils in grades one, three and four did not participate this year in the reading certificate programme, but will do so next year for sure. Pupils will also have an opportunity to read and complete tasks for a reading diploma by reading books in English next year.

We are all very proud of the pupils who worked so hard to achieve their goals! Well done!