Spring Fest 2018

On Thursday evening of last week friends, parents, siblings, and grandparents gathered to enjoy the engaging and diversified programme that the English Class pupils and their teachers had put together.

The spectacle started with the song, School Rules.

The kindergarten class sang If You are Wearing Red with relish.

The first grade class shared the Ultimate 50 + 1 Bucket List that they had compiled and then topped off their performance with a rousing rendition of Doubles.

All the variety, joy and energy of the second grade class was packed into the dance their teacher, Ms. Leena, choreographed for them to share.

The English Class third graders had fun working out to the Smurfs’ Summer Starts.

With practiced precision the English Class fourth graders performed a body percussion piece for the audience.

English Class fifth graders did a great job with the classic, If I Were Not Upon This Stage.

The English Class sixth graders rewrote a piece called The Glass Cupboard by the well known Welsh screenwriter, Terry Jones. They performed this timely dramatization quite effectively and the message at the end was delivered with a punch. Because this video clip was so large, the play, The Glass Cupboard, can be watched here.

English Class kindergarten teacher, Ms. Eevaliisa, was surprised by English Class teachers and pupils. She was gifted with hugs, flowers and a present because she is leaving to go live in Helsinki.

One of the highlights of the Spring Fest was the awarding of the Finnish National Board of Education’s Kunnari/“Homerun” reading diplomas. These hard-earned diplomas represent lots of time outside of school reading different genres of books from selected lists. A record number of English Class pupils completed reading diplomas this year and we are all very proud of each and every one of them!

Spring in My Toes was an appropriate and joyful finish to a very enjoyable evening of shared experiences. Thank you to all who made this evening such a success! The English Classes abound with talent!



Sixth grade:

The English Class Spring Fest

This year’s English Classes’ annual Spring Fest began with an adorable number by the English Class kindergarten (aka. preschool). As always, the programme was very diversified with everything from cheerleading, tumbling and acrobatics to singing and dancing. This year there were so many reading certificate recipients that it was not possible to get them to all fit into one photograph! Heartfelt congratulations to each and every pupil who earned a reading certificate!

Below are video clips showing the fun assortment of entertainment that friends and family enjoyed on Tuesday evening. There were some acts that are not included here as well, but hints of what took place can be seen in the photo collages above.

Spring Fest 2016


On Tuesday evening of this week English Class families and friends were treated to a potpourri of programme numbers that included chants, book percussion, songs and dances presented by the English Class pupils. One selection from each grade is presented here, along with a couple of joint presentations. (It should be noted, too, that some videos were filmed during the dress rehearsal during the day, rather than in the evening.)

The first graders are rightly proud of their new reading and writing skills. This show number features some first graders reading their own compositions and then the whole class performing percussion with their Finnish primers.

Since the beginning of the school year second graders have learned one chant every couple of weeks to get themselves ready to go out into the corridor. This video clip features only a portion of the chants they have learned throughout the school year.

Each and every third grader got to plan and execute his or her own performance slot in this dance song version of Stompa.

First, second and third graders combined forces to sing “I Like School!” One second grader said, after singing the song one day, “I don’t want school to end. I want to go to school ALL the time!”

The fourth graders choreographed this pirate number all by themselves. Unfortunately part of the beginning of this number didn’t get filmed, but most of it is here.

Thanks to the technical craft teacher, Mika, the fifth graders had a sturdy frame upon which to create a stage for the mini-dancers. Fifth grader Nicola was responsible for the choreography of the wing dancers.

The sixth graders shouldered all of the responsibility for the drama, costumes and choreography of this old favourite. We think they did a splendid job!

spring_fest stipends

The pupils above, Deivid Kozakin from grade 6, Tekla-Maria Heiniluoma from grade 5, Ananya Mariaraj from grade 4, Ilari Fält from grade 3, Ella Harell from grade 2 and Saga Miesmaa from grade 1, received award stipends from their respective teachers. Criteria for receiving a reward were that the pupil be positive, helpful, well mannered and an overall good classmate.

Reading diplomas (for reading in Finnish) were awarded to the following second graders: Siiri Oksa, Otto Kierkkinen, Onni Vuorenoja, Iiris Huhta, Amelie Rouvali, Oska Plapp, Antti, Tymkky, Benjamin Aapa, Ella Harell, and Ida Kovalainen.

A reading diploma for reading in English was awarded to fourth grader Isabel Smith.

Reading diplomas for reading in English were awarded to fifth graders  Jakub Budzisiak, John Garbulinski and Alisa Kuusman. Finnish reading diplomas were awarded to fifth graders Kasper Antila, Stella Manninen, Tekla-Maria Heiniluoma and Ava Puonti.

Finnish reading diplomas were awarded to sixth graders Siiri Hakala, Benjamin Salahub, Jenni Einola and Venny Vuorenoja.

We congratulate them all! Keep reading!

We’re so Proud of Our School was sung with heartfelt verve by English Class children at the evening performance. This version, filmed in the afternoon, was a shadow of the evening performance. Even so, we believe that the children stand firmly behind every word. We are so proud of out school -and most of all we are proud of the children who make up our school!

Printing our Stage Curtains


The English Class sixth graders stepped up to the plate last Monday when they printed the sky on the last panel of our new stage curtains. It was a time-consuming task to dab the sky blue colour on the white fabric because there were many square metres to print altogether. The overall result appears to make it all worth it. In only a couple of weeks we will find out how it all looks when we finally hang up the backdrop curtains for our English Class Spring Fest on Tuesday, May 24th.

Spring Fest 2015


The English Classes presented their Spring Fest programme on Tuesday evening this week It certainly was a hectic, even chaotic, two weeks before the annual Spring Fest with a frenzy of art and craft projects for setting the mood and loads of practice and rehearsals to make everything just right. Somehow we all managed to learn, study, take necessary subject tests, assess and yet still make all the preparations necessary for this special evening.


Below are video clips of presentations by all of the pupils in the English Classes. The quality of the clips is not the best by any means, but you can get a sense of the pride the pupils take in sharing what they have learned.

The first graders performing “Spring in My Feet”

First and second graders performing the dance, Patty Cake Polka

Second graders performing “Whacky Spring Fever” with Noah as the conductor

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” performed by the third graders

Rhythms without music and with music performed by the fourth graders

5th and 6th graders performing “Blowing in the Wind”

“Take the A. B. C or G -Train” performed by 5th and 6th graders on recorders

The finale, “Citizen of the World”

Truth be told, it was a lot of hard work for everyone involved, but judging by the comments of families who came to watch our programme, it was well worth the effort.


Prepping for Our Annual Spring Fest

prep spring fest

As the date for our annual spring fest draws closer, English Class pupils are busy at work making themed decorations. Today English Class sixth graders worked with our first graders to make all sorts of spring flowers.

For as long as the English Classes have existed (note: we are completing our 13th year.), we have made it our policy to mix different aged pupils with one another to work together on all types of projects at least a couple of times per month. We never cease to wonder at the magic that results when older pupils act as mentors and role models for younger pupils.It is a win-win event every single time. Keep following the blog to find out how these decorations turn out!

Spring Fest


Friends and families thoroughly enjoyed the English Class Spring Fest programme put together by pupils and teachers on Monday evening. Some of the many, many talents of pupils were highlighted in the poems and skit they wrote and shared, the songs they sang, their joyful dancing, as well as by the music they played on recorders, buckets and even their bodies! It was a heartwarming experience for anyone who had the pleasure of attending the fest!

The programme began with everyone singing “School Rules” together. English Class kindergarten pupils performed a foot tapping rendition of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain“. First and second graders danced two Finnish folk dances Hans vili vili and Lintu lensi oksalle, Fourth graders played two songs on their recorders, “The Eensy Weensy Spider” and “Puff the Magic Dragon“. Fifth graders performed bucket drumming, a cup game variation and some body percussion. Both fifth and sixth graders danced a Morris stick dance together. Some sixth grade boys wrote and acted out a skit about their recollections of primary school. All of this was interspersed and hosted with poems presented by English Class third graders. The finale was a surprise to all when pictures of pupils holding signs showing what they want to be when they grow up were displayed as pupils sang, “We’re so Proud of Our School.”


6EN collage 2014


Below are two samples of the evening’s numbers.