A Class Trip in the Treetops

English Class third graders visited Huikea Adventure Park on Monday of this week. “Huikea” translates to English as incomparable and that was certainly what the experience was for our third graders! Many of the pupils were a bit anxious about the challenges of being up so high, but without exception the children overcame their fears. By the end of the day they were as at comfortable in the treetops as monkeys are!

The adventure park is designed to compliment the beautiful woodland setting near the sandy beach of Yyteri.  Several high rope courses, varying in degrees of difficulty, provide challenges for crossing swaying bridges, tightrope walking, crawling, balancing and more. Safety is of paramount importance at the park.

Twin ladders, Indiana Jones bridges and zip lines are part of the rope courses. The park also offers additional experiences such as the giant Fortuna game shown on the right in the photo collage below and a Pumptrack for scooters of BMX-bikes.

All in all, weather-wise and otherwise, it was a perfect day. The third graders were challenged both mentally and physically at the park. At the end of the day they returned home feeling like they were on top of the world. Now if that isn’t a successful class trip, what is?!




Walk in the rain,
smell flowers,
stop along the way,
build sandcastles,
go on field trips,
find out how things work,
tell stories,
say the magic words,
trust the universe.
~Bruce Williamson

Wednesday of this week was neither warm nor sunny, even though May is almost at its end, but that did not matter to the English Class first and second graders and their teachers when they went to Yyteri Beach for their class trip.  Dressed in weather-appropriate clothing, the children brought along their imaginations, as well as pails and shovels, to create sandcastles along the shoreline.

The sandcastles had proper moats and turrets and were decorated with small shells and reeds found along the beach. The children worked in small groups with intensity and interest. There is something almost intoxicating about the joyous experience of making sandcastles!