National Fishing Day

fishing1Wednesday was Finland’s National Fishing Day. English Class third and fourth graders participated in activities related to fishing on the island of Kirjurinluoto. The event was organized by the Satakunta Agency for the Economic Development of Fishing (Satakunnan Kalatalouskeskus). This was the perfect opportunity for the fourth graders to put to use all that they have learned about fish and they eagerly participated in all five of the stations that had been set up.

At one station they learned all about fly fishing and casting a line. At another station the pupils were able to taste Baltic herring in several forms.


At yet another station pupils learned about the history of fishing, with emphasis on the history of fishing in the Pori area. Pupils learned about the many ways there are of catching fish at the fourth station. To get a deeper understanding of things from a fish’s point of view, pupils entered nets and experienced being trapped because getting out was not all that easy!


At the last station pupils actually went fishing. Two fourth graders caught fish. Jesse returned his fish to the river to let it grow some more. The stations were well organized and informative. The photo below shows some of the pupils returning to school with their brand new fishing poles.


One comment on “National Fishing Day

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Giving them this experience of learning and doing will stick with them forever. Thank you.

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