Fun-tastic First Ever ‘Fun Monday’


The first ever English Class Fun Monday* was a rip-roaring success. Ask anyone who was lucky enough to be there! Blowing big, wobbly bubbles was the theme of the day. The session started with an opportunity to create do-it-yourself bubble wands using wire, pipe cleaners and beads. As seen in the picture above, the wands they made were lovely.


It was a great source of wonder to everyone that heart-shaped wands and star-shaped wands still produced bubbles that were round (spherical shaped). Pupils learned that a sphere is the figure that has the least surface area, which is why bubbles always seek that shape (unless they are attached to a frame of some kind). They also learned that bubbles pop because the water in the bubble evaporates.


A homemade solution of cornstarch, baking powder, dish detergent, glycerin and water produced wonderful wibbly-wobbly bubbles that were a big hit.


At the end of the session some pupils were getting so good at blowing bubble that they blew little bubbles into a huge bubble so that, for one moment, there were three bubbles inside a very big bubble!!

Note: For blog readers who are not part of the English Class family, it should be explained that Fun Monday was instituted as an alternative to Fun Friday.  It is a project that will hopefully motivate pupils to be the best they can be. In order to be eligible for the weekly Fun Monday Lottery draw, a pupil must:

  1. actively participate in class activities
  2. be prompt (be in class on time)
  3. show respect to everyone
  4. demonstrate good manners at school
  5. take care of personal and school supplies
  6. complete assignments and homework

Each grade level teacher determines the eligibility of his or her own pupils for the draw. Two pupils at each grade level may have the luck of the draw.

2 comments on “Fun-tastic First Ever ‘Fun Monday’

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    WOW!!!!! and thank you…..

  2. […] the well-deserving pupils who were selected to participate in Fun Monday were able to create imaginary creature whistles from clay. The process was a bit tricky because a […]

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